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Alex Flemming's Sinks of Discord

In a new exhibition, 'Ecce Homo', the artist uses a biblical passage to make a metaphor for the "scabrous" situation in Brazil today

Alex Flemming criticizes the Brazilian political situation in new exhibition

Artist presents 28 works made with old sinks on display at Emmathoma Gallery
nazareth pacheco and marcia pastore

Marcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco are the new names of Emmathomas Galeria

Márcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco join the group of artists represented by Emmathomas Galeria. The choice of artists is in accordance with the gallery's proposal, which seeks to present to the public the diversity...
Fair Part

Contemporary Art Fair

Self-titled the "most interesting Art Fair in Brazil", Feira Parte reaches its 8th edition. The event opens its doors on 07/11, in São Paulo. About the Parte Pioneer Fair in the country in...

Isabelle Borges: Synthetic Fields

Brazilian artist based in Berlin exhibits at Galeria Emmathomas in São Paulo