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Gideon Mendel Submerged Portraits oão Pereira de Araújo, Rio Branco, Brazil, March 14, 2015.

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South African photographer Gideon Mendel produces series around the world that denounce climate change and its impacts on human survival, offering a kind of testimony to those portrayed.  
Ana Mendieta

Sesc Pompeia presents films and photographs by artist Ana Mendieta

"Ana Mendieta: Silhueta em Fogo", on display at Sesc Pompeia, is an unprecedented exhibition in Latin America of films and photographs by the Cuban-American artist. Simultaneously, the collective "terra abrecaminhos" takes place, in which 30 artists dialogue...
Fernando Leite, Mira

Fernando Leite uses photography as a guide for his creation

Fernando Leite is on display at Paço Imperial, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, with his individual exhibition, Ex-Otica. The show is curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and features 54 works divided into four series...

The short circuit image

On display at IMS Paulista, the Habitated Photography exhibition brings the subtle irreverence of Helena Almeida, a woman whose work resisted in a country subjected to the Salazar dictatorship for decades

A light on the indigenous universe

Sesc Ipiranga launches a book about the work of photographer and ethnologist Harald Schultz, who recorded the daily life of Brazilian villages

No, it's not photojournalism

From the publication of the photo of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, doctor, journalist and photography critic Simonetta Persichetti weaves a reflection on the image, photojournalism and its policies

the obscene of the image

Not all photography is restorative as intended, for example, the Berlin Biennale, when exhibiting a work with records of prisoners tortured in Abu Ghraib, Iraq
Work from the series "Outros Navios", by Eustáquio Neves. Credit: Disclosure

“Outros Navios” brings an overview of the work of photographer Eustáquio Neves

On display at Sesc Ipiranga, the exhibition seeks to reveal other layers of Brazilian independence and to focus on the ethnic-racial relations promoted in the past and present.

With your feet on the ground and your eyes on reality

On the occasion of the new show by Iatã Cannabrava, on view at the Museum of the City of São Paulo, Simonetta Persichetti revisits the photographer's trajectory
"The Maestro", from the series Voyage through the Fantastic, by Boris Kossoy.

an unusual look

Boris Kossoy's photographic production is revisited at the Photography Museum, in Fortaleza. Curated by Diogenes Moura, the exhibition “Estranhamentos” travels through 50 years of Kossoy's records in 92 photographs, some of them unpublished.