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The Education of the Look and the Reading of Images

From the works that he researches, chooses and conserves From the dialogue between artists and the public, From the heritage of a country or a foundation, From cultural diversity, From the relationship between public affairs and...
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Reading Tips

By Vivian Mocellin Interpersonal relationships, love and despair, short stories, legends, anecdotes from Greco-Latin Antiquity and Revolutions. Check out the reading tips ARTE!Brasileiros. Spheres 1 – Bubbles Peter Sloterdijk, Translated by José Oscar de Almeida Marques....

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The Unmissable Series is back with reading indications that go through the fields of philosophy and history. Reading indications By Ligia Braslauskas The World as Truth and as Representation – Volume II Artur Shopenhauer, Translation by...

Debate at PUC-SP addresses the book on Walter Benjamin

Jeanne Marie, Carla Milani Damião and Marc Beret talked about a book that has just been republished by N-1 editions

Law over science

There are practically no human sciences before the XNUMXth century. That is to say that sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology and even history, as sciences, are at most two hundred years old. There were precursors, but essentially what today...
renato janine

To be ashamed of your face, by Renato Janine Ribeiro

I am not questioning others, those who disagree with us. I'm saying that we ourselves, who consider ourselves progressive, whether in customs or politics, need to be ashamed of ourselves. Do two or three...