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To read, see, hear and visit in women's month

On this International Women's Day, the arte!brasileiros prepared a list of contents and events that highlight the importance of women's trajectories in art
Scene from "The Last Forest". Photo: Pedro Márquez / Publicity.

"The Last Forest" closes the It's All True Festival and portrays the strength of...

Written by Luiz Bolognesi and indigenous leader Davi Kopenawa, the documentary goes beyond the pure ethnographic portrait trying to incorporate the poetics of the Yonomami; the work closes the prestigious É Tudo Verdade Festival
Excerpt from the video "The Clopen Door", which composes the work "Open Night" by Thiago Rocha Pitta, exhibited at MAM Rio

Between real and metaphorical fires

The work “Open Night”, by Thiago Rocha Pitta, opens the Interventions Program at MAM Rio and honors the National Museum on the two-year anniversary of the fire that devastated Rio’s space
Rain is singing in the village of the dead

Luso-Brazilian film unites poetic approach and documentary care in the history of the Krahô tribe

"Rain is Singing in the Village of the Dead" is part of the Mostra Brasil Cinema Agora! promoted by Itaú Cultural on its website until August 1st; The films Arabia, Azougue Nazaré, and Inferninho are also available for free
Ana Luiza Flauzina, director of the film Beyond the Mirror. Photo- Alexandre Alves

To understand our racism

It is impossible to understand Brazil without understanding that one of the pillars that sustains Brazilian society until today is racism.
Actor Nelson Xavier plays Amador, the former hitman who stars in Erico Rassi's debut film. Photo - Publicity : Rio Bravo Films

Diary of a Zen Gunslinger

Actor Nelson Xavier breaks a three-year hiatus away from cinemas in the role of Amador, the hitman