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Museum of Images of the Unconscious. Fernando Diniz, oil on paper, 1953. Photo: Publicity.

Museum of Images of the Unconscious opens virtual collective exhibition

The virtual exhibition “Três Artistas de Engenho de Dentro” will be launched on the National Anti-Asylum Struggle Day and features 90 works by Adelina Gomes, Fernando Diniz and Octávio Ignácio

FAMA takes art brut to Itu

With the opening of Bispo do Rosário exhibition, art as worldbuilding seminar takes to itu discussions around art brut, or outsider art, and presents international artists and experts integrating the movement

FAME takes Art Brut to Itu

With the opening of an exhibition by Bispo do Rosário, the international seminar 'Art as the construction of worlds' brings discussions to Itu around Art Brut, or Outsider Art, and presents artists who are part of the movement, with interventions by specialists on the subject