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Grand Palace Ephemeral

Art Basel shakes Paris

With the quality seal of the Swiss franchise, the neophyte Paris+ took the place of the traditional FIAC, reinforced the pulsating art scene of the French capital, scared rival Frieze, from London, and promoted diversification in the selection of galleries
Cordoaria Nacional receives ARCOlisboa. Photo: Disclosure

ARCOlisboa resumes face-to-face activities

Bringing together 65 galleries from 14 countries, ARCOlisboa returns to the face-to-face format this month. The fair organized by IFEMA MADRID and the Lisbon City Council, celebrates its fifth anniversary representing the moment...
Bienal pavilion occupied by SP-Arte. Disclosure.

SP-Arte 2022, check out what's coming

The consolidated art fair returns this year to the Bienal Pavilion, from April 6th to 10th; in its 18th edition, in addition to the exhibition space, SP-Arte resumes its series of conversations and inaugurates Radar SP-Arte, dedicated to independent spaces
SELVA, by Julio Cesar Aristizabal, work exhibited at ArtSampa

ArtSampa holds its first edition with around 50 exhibitors in the capital of São Paulo

This week, a new art fair arrives at OCA and at Burle Marx's gardens at Parque Ibirapuera, in São Paulo. Held by organizers from Rio de Janeiro, ArtRio, ArtSampa debuts in a hybrid format...
Grand Palais Ephemere, where the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) in Paris took place in 2021. Photo: Hélio Campos Mello

Still groping, fairs, museums and international cultural institutions return to the face-to-face model

A arte!brasileiros he was at the FIAC, in Paris, held this year in temporary construction on the Champ de Mars; find out what were some of the highlights of the fair

Art market in 2021: far from the crisis

In the midst of an extremely troubled context with the pandemic, professionals in the Brazilian art market report a year of positive sales results, benefiting from both the expansion of the virtual and the recent resumption of the face-to-face.

Art fairs in the world: how are they after a year of pandemic?

Delays and adaptations to more modest formats are among the most viable alternatives; despite this, the growth of the virtual market and the participation of social media can question the presence of mega fairs?
Forecasts for 2021. Photo of Art Basel in Miami Beach. Courtesy of the fair.

(Possible) Predictions for the Art Market in 2021

From the return of in-person fairs to the confidence in the purely digital format put to the test, check out some of the anticipations for the art market this year
Frieze London: "Huk Pacha", "Iskay Pacha", "Kimsa Pacha". Works by Claudia Martínez Garay. Photo: Grimm Gallery.

Frieze London: local event and adaptation to the virtual mark the 2020 edition

Fair runs until the 16th of October; this year, Frieze London has a hybrid format between the virtual and a predominantly local physical edition

Fernanda Feitosa talks about recent difficulties at SP-Arte and says that virtual version of...

One week before the opening of the SP-Arte Viewing Room, on the 24th, the fair's director spoke to arte!brasileiros about the expansion of commercial possibilities in the virtual environment and commented on the differences with some galleries after the cancellation of the face-to-face event in April