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Anna Bella Geiger, "About art/Say it with us: bur-ro-cra-cia", 1978. Credit: Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection/MAM Rio. Photo: Disclosure

MAM Rio celebrates 75 years with an exhibition that delves into its five areas of...

On display until December, the exhibition Museum-school-city: MAM Rio in five perspectives proposes much more than a nostalgic trip over the institution's 75 years, but a dive behind the scenes of the actions...
LIVER TALKING, by Anna Bella Geiger

A Native and Alien Look at Anna Bella Geiger

Published by Edições Sesc SP, the book brings together an interview, critical essay, biography and images of the artist's works in a bilingual edition.

Pinacoteca opens an exhibition by Fayga Ostrower, one of the pioneers of abstract engraving

A distinguished engraver, painter, illustrator, theorist and teacher, Fayga would have turned 2020 in XNUMX and has a retrospective exhibition at Estação Pinacoteca