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Rufino looks at his Araceae specimens

Instituto José Rufino: a place to think about art, science and nature

Located in the municipality of Bayeux, in greater João Pessoa, the space is one of the well-finished examples of what man can do for the environment.

FAMA intensifies virtual performance and prepares the launch of online catalogs

Director of the Marcos Amaro Art Factory, Raquel Fayad speaks to arte!brasileiros about the challenges of quarantine for a young cultural institution and the solutions found so far

Agenda of the art world in the pandemic

How the Coronavirus has affected the art world and the reactions of some cultural institutions to the crisis

In the process of settlement, FAMA causes fascination and is a gift to Itu

With an exhibition curated by Aracy Amaral and a collection with a public vocation, Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro has everything it takes to become a powerhouse of art and knowledge