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Fabio Szwarcwald talks about his resignation from the executive board of Mam Rio

Last Tuesday, the 1st, Fabio Szwarcwald's resignation from the board of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio took many by surprise. The carioca, who had been in office since February...
Fabio Schwarcwald

Fabio Szwarcwald talks about new projects and overcoming Mam Rio's financial crisis

Fabio Szwarcwald had barely taken over the direction of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (Mam Rio) when the coronavirus pandemic forced the museum to close its doors and employees to...

Mam Rio announces Beatriz Lemos as new assistant curator

Selected from an open call, Lemos joins the team that has Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente as new artistic directors.

“Art has always pointed out the fragility of totalitarian discourses, and an art school...

For Yole Mendonça, who took office in March after Fabio Szwarcwald left, Escola de Artes Visuais Carioca follows its historic mission of being a space of resistance, even taking advantage of the possibilities of nationalizing itself in a moment of migration to the virtual. 

MAM Rio announces Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente as new artistic directors

The duo, who take office at the institution after a selection process with more than 100 candidacies, proposes a more organic, diverse museum focused on culture and education.

MAM Rio makes international call for artistic direction position

Celebrating its 72nd birthday and under the executive direction of Fabio Szwarcwald, the Rio de Janeiro museum launches an international call for a new position at the institution

Eduardo Saron, Fabio Szwarcwald and Jochen Volz discuss cultural management today

Directors of Itaú Cultural, EAV Parque Lage and Pinacoteca de São Paulo participated in the seminar held by ARTE!Brasileiros and by Itaú Cultural and talked about the search for a participatory public in cultural institutions

ARTE!Brasileiros and Itaú Cultural hold a seminar on cultural management

"Cultural Management: Contemporary Challenges" takes place on October 21 with the participation of Eduardo Saron, Fabio Szwarcwald, Jochen Volz, Gabriela Noujaim, Jonathas de Andrade, Ana Carla Fonseca and Kátia de Marco