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Festival Arte Serrinha: Auditorium of the Natural Park, which houses the shows of the program/Photo: Flavio Nogueira

Festival Arte Serrinha reaches its 20th edition

The event, which takes place until the 30/7, in Bragança Paulista (SP), returns to being in person and expands its programming to the Centro Cultural Teatro Carlos Gomes, with an exhibition until 28/8, and to its new Natural Park, mixing visual arts, music, film and workshops

Jean Paul Ganem makes land art to see and taste in Serrinha

With "Desenho Infinito", a Franco-Tunisian artist makes an instigating cross between edible art and Brazilian indigenous culture and presents a work wrapped in the ideas of agroforest and organic garden.
The land art by the Italian Michelangelo Pistoletto, now finished, with 20 tons of stones, finds a permanent place at the Festival Arte Serrinha, in Bragança Paulista.

“Terzo Paradiso”, obsession with a new world

The land art of the Italian Michelangelo Pistoletto finds a permanent place at the 19th Festival Arte Serrinha, in Bragança Paulista