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Forrobodó, or 20 years of A Gentil Carioca

Like few art galleries, A Gentil Carioca transforms its special openings into a huge street party. Last Saturday, it was no different: the Forrobodó exhibition filled the neighborhood with performances, music and lots of...
“Dos Brasis – Arte e Pensamento Negro” encourages Afro-Brazilian production

“Dos Brasis – Arte e Pensamento Negro” encourages Afro-Brazilian production

  With general curatorship by Igor Simões, the exhibition brings together 240 artists from all Brazilian states who present works in different artistic languages. From 2024, part of the exhibition will circulate in spaces...
Fernando Leite, Mira

Fernando Leite uses photography as a guide for his creation

Fernando Leite is on display at Paço Imperial, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, with his individual exhibition, Ex-Otica. The show is curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and features 54 works divided into four series...

The short circuit image

On display at IMS Paulista, the Habitated Photography exhibition brings the subtle irreverence of Helena Almeida, a woman whose work resisted in a country subjected to the Salazar dictatorship for decades
The Feast of Crumbs

Epic art in the secret heart of Brazil

The critic and curator talks about the formal rigor and political and intellectual vigor of the work of Bahian artist Marcos Zacariades
Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe

cosmological synthesis

Through the repetition of elements he observes in the forest, the Yanomami artist Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe creates a delicate visual compendium of the daily life and imagination of his people
Act Three: Spell | Abdias Nascimento

The orishas are alive

With more than 180 works and documents, Inhotim inaugurates the third act around the exhibitions of Abdias Nascimento.

Pina as a public square

Dedicated to the contemporary, the new building reinforces the relationship with its surroundings and emphasizes poetics that still do not find an equal environment in museums

Cartier Foundation pour l'art contemporain and The Shed present exhibition “The Yanomami Struggle”

Harvé Chandès, General Director of the Cartier Foundation pour l'art contemporain, and Alex Poots, Artistic Director of The Shed, are honored to announce the US premiere of The Yanomami Struggle exhibition, dedicated to the collaboration and...

With your feet on the ground and your eyes on reality

On the occasion of the new show by Iatã Cannabrava, on view at the Museum of the City of São Paulo, Simonetta Persichetti revisits the photographer's trajectory