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Leila Mustafa, in a photo by Jean-Matthieu Gautier, during the recording of "9 Days in Raqqa". Photo: Disclosure It's All True.

Three Featured Films at It's All True Festival 2021

Among the 69 films shown this year by the festival's virtual edition, arte!brasileiros highlights "9 Days in Raqqa", "A Thousand Cuts" and "Vicenta"; read about the works
he movie

Rape fantasy and rape culture

There are many ways to define a culture, and there are almost as many cultures as there are ways to define them. Two distinctions can help us narrow down the problem a bit. The first is to distinguish between culture and civilization,...
violent hazing against freshmen

Macho behavior leads to violence in universities, says research

Research carried out with higher education students shows that there is a sexist behavior behind acts of violence against women on public and private university campuses. The attacks include rapes and sexual harassment, as well as...