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Detail of the panel "Take back our land"

Take back our land: artist residency brings Brazil and Indonesia closer together

The Taring Padi collective, from Indonesia, and militants from the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) met at the Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF) and discovered social and political affinities
At Hallenbad Ost, works by Taring Padi, a collective that had one of its panels, exhibited at Friederichplatz, taken from documenta fifteen after criticism - explained in the text. Photo: Patricia Rousseaux

culture war

Returning to the concept of culture war, art critic Fabio Cypriano writes about the polemics of documenta fifteen
Gudskul, Sekolah Temujalar, pedagogical installation with audio, cameras, drawings and games exhibited at Fridericianum, at documenta fifteen, in Kassel

Kassel becomes a barn of exchanges

documenta fifteen, with more than 1.500 artists occupying 39 spaces in the German city, prioritizes solidarity and coexistence as practices in the field of art.
"Generosity, Regeneration, Transparency, Independence, Sufficiency, Local Anchor and most of all Humor", by Dan Perjovschi at Fridericianum. Photo: Nicolas Wefers

documenta fifteen kicks off the exhibition program

'Lumbung'. The word that may seem unusual to us is the Indonesian term to define a community rice granary and is articulated as the conceptual axis of documenta fifteen. Under the artistic direction of ruangrupa, collective...
ruangrupa cura a documenta fifteen

Kassel aims collective experiences in art

The documenta fifteen, scheduled for June 2022, has already announced 14 groups with community practices as participants in the edition; curators also passed through São Paulo and met with 40 people or groups
Color horizontal image. A collective of artists sitting around two tables in the JAMAC studio converse. A few sheets of paper on the tables.

Artist collectives reflect the spirit of the times

Both the choice of five collectives as nominees for the Turner Prize, in 2021, and the announcement of 14 collectives as the first participants of documenta fifteen indicate an important turning point in practice...
INLAND is one of the collectives participating in documenta 15

Documenta de Kassel looks at collective experiences in art

The idea of ​​the artist isolated in his studio has long sounded like an old-fashioned image to describe the field of production of contemporary practices, but finally documents it, considered the most important exhibition...

Far Beyond Art

Choice of Indonesian collective ruangrupa for artistic direction of Documenta reinforces the trend of proposals that goes beyond spaces such as museums and galleries

far beyond art

The choice of a collective from Indonesia ruangrupa for the artistic direction of Documenta reinforces the trend of proposals that go beyond conventional spaces such as museums and galleries

For the first time, Documenta will be curated by a collective

Indonesia's 'ruangrupa' will be responsible for the artistic direction of the 2022 edition