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The various 22 and the war of narratives in Brazil

On display at Arte132, the exhibition proposes a confrontation with consolidated imaginaries and invites other galleries and independent artists to a provocative dialogue curated by Lilia Schwarcz
In front, "Museu do Homem do Nordeste", by Jonathas de Andrade, in the background works by Candido Portinari, Almeida Junior and Paulo Nazareth. Photo: Levi Fanan / Collection of the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

Is art without class struggle just decoration?

For some decades, a new ethical position has emerged in artists who work with struggles of groups and communities that are not part of hegemonic systems.

An ongoing triennial

In the midst of a pandemic and political crisis context, what are the curatorial and expository possibilities? This was one of the questions that guided months of work on The river is a snake, third...
Kader Attia - irreparable repairs

Watch the video about the exhibition “Irreparáveis ​​Reparos – Kader Attia”, at Sesc Pompeia

The son of an Algerian father and a Berber mother, Kader Attia is one of the most recognized French artists of his generation. He grew up in Algeria and the suburbs of Paris and uses this experience of living...

Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto has applications open for artistic residency

Until February 13th, the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto (ia) has open enrollment for the first edition of the Emergency Artistic Residency Program - iai. The experience of six...
Psychiatrist, writer and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon, the force of language

*By Eugênio Lima Reembarking in this Fanon world was very intense. I remembered things I had forgotten and little by little I was rebuilding everything, from my first reading, in 2014, until today. The first time...
A member of the Piscina platform, Juh Almeida exhibited the work A woman speaks at SP-Foto VR

Politicizing the art market: how new proposals have raised questions of...

*By Ana Letícia Fialho and Luciara Ribeiro The result of the last elections, both in Brazil and in the USA, was marked by presences that, in some way, point to an unfolding of the anti-racist acts that grew in the...
"From tomorrow to yesterday", by Mônica Ventura, at the exhibition "Abre-Caminhos" at Centro Cultural São Paulo. Photo: Publicity/CCSP

An anti-disciplinary look at a year that begins at the end

Anyone walking along Avenida Vergueiro, in the capital of São Paulo, is faced with a series of colorful lambe-lambes by the posts near the São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP), in which you can read “Black Magic” and “Jexus”.
Still from Amerika - Bahia de las setas. Photo: Disclosure.

Watch “Amérika – Bahia de las setas”, by Ana Vaz, in the new Commented Collection...

With an ethnographic and decolonizing visual exploration, artist Ana Vaz looks for different ways to explore history; in the new episode of Videobrasil, the curator and historian Sabrina Moura comments on her work "Amérika - Bahia de las setas"
Beatriz Lemos, Thiago de Paula Souza and Diane Lima, curators of the 3rd edition of Frestas - Trienal de Artes

New territories expand reflection on art

Curators of the 3rd edition of Frestas - Triennial of Arts, entitled "The river is a serpent", bring together knowledge and Afro-indigenous, native and ancestral thoughts to think an art of the impossible