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View of the VII International Seminar: Culture, Democracy and Reparation

Art and culture are intertwined in a democracy

Urgent topics in the Brazilian and world sociopolitical scenarios were debated during the 22nd and 23rd of September at the Sesc Vila Mariana Auditorium in São Paulo
Danilo Miranda, director general of sesc-sp

Danilo Miranda: moving forward without restrictions

Despite the tragedy of the pandemic, a government that attacks culture, knowledge and science and the constant threats to the S System, Danilo Miranda says that Sesc-SP remains firm in its mission to promote well-being and culture (in its wider)
LIVER TALKING, by Anna Bella Geiger

A Native and Alien Look at Anna Bella Geiger

Published by Edições Sesc SP, the book brings together an interview, critical essay, biography and images of the artist's works in a bilingual edition.

Cultural management in Brazil in times of pandemic and attack on culture

During the first three months of the period of social isolation in the country, the arte!brasileiros interviewed five managers of important cultural institutions to find out how they are dealing with the moment and what it is possible to plan for the future; read the main excerpts from conversations with Danilo Miranda, Eduardo Saron, Jochen Volz, Ricardo Ohtake and Solange Farkas

For Danilo Miranda, the government censors artists by not allowing them to produce

For the director of Sesc-SP, the federal government shows a total lack of vision and commitment to culture; Miranda also considers that the president's mistaken actions and social inequality make the coronavirus epidemic even more serious in Brazil than in other countries.

For Danilo Miranda, without art, culture, research and knowledge we will create a society of...

In interview with ARTE!Brasileiros, regional director of Sesc-SP criticizes the possibility of cuts in the S System and talks about the danger of forming a country “where only what has practical and palpable results counts”