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Tarsila's self-portraits, part III: the various resignifications of a matrix image...

The critic and columnist of arte!brasileiros Tadeu Chiarelli concludes his series of articles on Tarsila do Amaral’s self-portraits by analyzing these images that would become icons of the artist’s production and, ultimately, of São Paulo’s modernism.

Tarsila's Self-Portraits, Part I: The Spaniard

Bringing new perspectives to the debate on São Paulo's modernism, Tadeu Chiarelli discusses the first self-portraits by Tarsila do Amaral that, until now, have not received due attention.

Something happens in my heart: the images of São Paulo

The critic and curator Tadeu Chiarelli analyses, based on the work "Don't enter the left", by Maurício Nogueira Lima, the representation of the city of São Paulo made in photographs and paintings at different times of the XNUMXth century

Alfredo Nicolaiewsky's recent production or the art that gets on your nerves

To be in front of a true finished work of art or to follow its constitution, are these experiences with points in common? From his participation in a WhatsApp group, in these months of pandemic, the author tries to demonstrate that yes!

Anna Bella Geiger's work and the collapse of the traditional self-portrait

Reflections from direct contact with the individual exhibition "Brasil Nativo, Brasil Alienígena", which occupies the Masp and Sesc Avenida Paulista

Giselle Beiguelman against barbarism and indifference

Check out Tadeu Chiarelli's text about Beiguelman's installations at the City Museum

Bar Talk(r)

Critic, curator and professor at USP, Tadeu Chiarelli debuts column in ARTE!Brasileiros