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Lyz Parayzo, work from the "Bixinha" series, 2022. Photo: Filipe Berndt

Concrete, neoconcrete: semantization continues

Tadeu Chiarelli comments on the work of several artists who engaged in dialogues with constructive currents, from Rubem Valentim and Nelson Leirner to Lyz Parayzo and Jaime Lauriano

VKHUTEMAS: The future under construction (1918-2018)

Exhibition gives an overview of what was produced at the Soviet university VKHUTEMAS

Isabelle Borges: Synthetic Fields

Brazilian artist based in Berlin exhibits at Galeria Emmathomas in São Paulo

Almir Mavignier, exponent of constructivism, dies

Geometry is the matrix of the work of Almir da Silva Mavignier, an artist from Rio de Janeiro who died earlier this month in Hamburg, where he lived. He is one of the seminal names of Brazilian geometric abstraction and,...