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The Grace of Faith

*By Claudinei Roberto da Silva Among us, an extensive cultural, ideological, legislative, religious and media apparatus was created to justify, meet and guarantee the permanence of privileges of that part of the population that directly or...

Dialog generation

*By Claudinei Roberto da Silva Judging by what we observe from the movement of museums, cultural institutions, galleries, formal and informal spaces, the production of black and black artists in the country has confirmed...
Work by Rosa Grizzo at Casa TATO I

TATO Gallery has a face-to-face exhibition and opens registration for its second training cycle

This month Galeria TATO opened its doors with its first in-person exhibition after months closed due to social isolation. The exhibition is the result of Casa Tato I, a training program run by...

Black Attitude. Emergencies, insurgencies, affirmations: contemporary Afro-Brazilian art

Columnist Tadeu Chiarelli writes about the exhibition PretAtitude, on display at Sesc Vila Mariana