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Nonada ZN opens collective 'fragment I: vento portico', curated by Clarissa Diniz

This Saturday, the gallery Nonada ZN opens a collective, in Penha, Rio de Janeiro, with the title fragment I: vento portico, bringing together works by artists Iah Bahia, Loren Minzú, Siwaju Lima, curated by Clarissa...
Color image. Alessandra Munduruku, one of the main indigenous leaders in Brazil, during the II March of Indigenous Women: Reforestation, Bodies and Hearts for the healing of the earth. Brasília, 2021. Photo: Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá

The painful learning of museums

By reversing its censorship of MST works, Masp recognizes the crossroads of reality
Photograph by Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá that would integrate the collective exhibition of the series "Brazilian Stories", canceled by Masp. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Bureaucratic “crutch” for censorship at Masp is a metastasis of authoritarianism

Jotabê Medeiros writes about recent episodes at Masp that question the democratic aspect of the São Paulo museum
ghosts of hope

Marcela Cantuária: “Donate to those who hurt”

Canterbury provokes glitches and makes the images left by the colonial world flaws, pulling up the necessary symbolic space where his allegorical paintings sprout.

A critic

Bitu Cassundé, Clarissa Diniz and Marcelo Campos write a response to the criticism by Aracy Amaral, published in ARTE!Brasileiros 47

Northeast – SESC 24th of May

Exhibition curated by Clarissa Diniz, Bitu Cassundé and Marcelo Campos is a highlight of the ARTE!Brasileiros 47