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'The decolonial turn in Brazilian art': Considerations to stir up the debate

The reading of The decolonial turn in Brazilian art (Editora Mireveja), by Alessandra Simões Paiva – brought up several questions that, although they concern the culture and art produced in Brazil, are of a...
View of the OBSCURA LUZ exhibition at Galeria Luisa Strina.

“Obscura Luz”, collective of visual and discursive repertoire

On display until September 2022, the show is inspired by a work by Cildo Meireles, of the same name, and discusses the perception
Horizontal, color photo. Work THOUSAND EYE, by Lia Chaia. In the background, a white wall. A white woman, with her eyes closed and her brown hair tied back. The photograph frames her from the shoulders up. She has bare shoulders. Seven red strands wrap its head horizontally and spaced apart. The first at the hairline, the others parallel, crossing the rest of the face, the last being at the height of your chin. Hanging on the wires, several round pieces refer to eyes, they are white with a brown circle inside and a black circle inside it, as if they were iris and pupil. The work is part of the exhibition SAY NO

Can art say no?

Exhibition "Saying no" seeks to articulate a critical response to our current context, enunciating conflicts through art
Overview of the "Língua Solta" exhibition, in the foreground "Olha Minha Lingua", by Alex dos Santos. Photo: Ciete Silverio.

Words in the world of things

The first exhibition opened at the Museum of the Portuguese Language, Língua Solta is curated by Moacir dos Anjos and Fabiana Moraes and puts contemporary works of art in dialogue with objects, posters and other elements of everyday life
Portuguese Language Museum: Overview of the exhibition "Língua Solta", in the foreground "Olha minha lingua", by Alex dos Santos. Photo: Ciete Silverio / Publicity.

Words in the world of things 

First exhibition open at the Portuguese Language Museum, Língua Solta is curated by Moacir dos Anjos and Fabiana Moraes and brings contemporary art works into dialogue with objects, posters and other elements of everyday life.

With “Estado Bruto”, MAM Rio has the largest exhibition of sculptures ever assembled in its...

On display from May 6th, the show raises reflections on the construction, conservation and sharing of heritage, with works by Amilcar de Castro, Rodin, Cildo Meireles, Brancusi, Franz Weissman, Lina Kim, Lygia Clark, Márcia X, Mestre Didi, Nelson Leirner, Nuno Ramos and Tunga, among others

To Nelson or the Perils of Interpretive Fury

Six months after Nelson Leirner's death, critic Tadeu Chiarelli discusses one of the artist's main works and his unavoidable presence in the country's art scene
The plastic artist Cildo Meireles

2015 | Deviation to the politician

How an olive pit helped to create "Insertions in Ideological Circuits: Coca-Cola Project", one of Cildo Meireles' most emblematic works

Special programming marks the last weeks of the Cildo Meireles show

Guided tours with the curators and exhibitions of short films about the artist’s work end the exhibition period of “Entrevendo”, at Sesc Pompeia

Viewing and inter-viewing Cildo Meireles

Carioca's extensive “poetic and historical anthology” invite artist Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, with about 150 works that defy the senses, interaction and point to the permanence of experienced violence in Brazil since the colonial and the military dictatorship period to this day