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View of the VII International Seminar: Culture, Democracy and Reparation

Art and culture are intertwined in a democracy

Urgent topics in the Brazilian and world sociopolitical scenarios were debated during the 22nd and 23rd of September at the Sesc Vila Mariana Auditorium in São Paulo

Issue #58 contributors

Christian Dunker is a full professor in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychopathology at the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo, with a postdoctoral degree in language pathologies. He is the author of a number of books, among them...
Small Manifestation, by Joana Amador and Mariana Lacerda, which was on display at MuBE, in São Paulo

Aesthetic moment and the ethical time of democratic reparation

From different historical occurrences and concepts of psychoanalysis, the author discusses the idea of ​​infinite mourning - common to cases of collective losses - and talks about the need for reparation

Empathy as an aesthetic experience

The limits of our capacity for empathy are also the limits of our experience of language, of our optical form and of our own condition; in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, when solidarity and empathy are even more necessary, we recall a text by psychoanalyst Christian Dunker

The time and the turn of the Democrats to act

Believing that art can only develop in a free society, the arte!brasileiros expresses its solidarity with USP professors and publishes a letter in which they propose that the democratic forces of Brazil unite to put an end to the authoritarian Bolsonarist project

The role of culture in mental health

Culture teaches us how to suffer and, conversely, how to treat suffering in the collective and individual context of caring for the self, writes psychoanalyst Christian Dunker; read the article

Crown of thorns

Although painful as a thorn in the soul, we go through an experience that can be profoundly transformative.

The Logic of Tosco Brasileiro is not without Gambiarra

Psychoanalyst and professor at USP Christian Dunker responds to the text by researcher and professor at UFMG Sabrina Sedlmayer

Speculative attack or the gambiarra versus the Brazilian rough

Researcher and professor at UFMG Sabrina Sedlmayer echoes text by psychoanalyst Christian Dunker

Essay on the “Brazilian Crude” in Philosophy and the Arts

It is possible that ten or fifteen years from now, art historians will characterize this period, between 2016 and 2022, as the heyday of the "Brazilian Tosco"