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In the Barraco da Constância Tem!, "A", 2023. Photo: Breno de Lacerda

sprawled movements

In its 17th and largest edition, Verbo, a performance show by Galeria Vermelho, goes beyond the borders of São Paulo and São Luís and flows into Fortaleza, with presentations at the recently opened Pinacoteca do Ceará
VERB 16 - 5-Dance for a blind future_2021_maria macedo (4)

Ancestry and racial and gender issues guide the 16th Verb

With programming in Galeria Vermelho, in São Paulo, and in Chão, in São Luís do Maranhão, the performance show brings together 38 in-person actions or actions created for video cameras
Photo by Genilson Guajajara who was at the show of the first cycle of PREAMAR actions

Project from Maranhão proposes diving into the multiplicity of the local art scene

The coming and going of the tides is part of everyday life in São Luís do Maranhão. The strong winds and the abundance of water are followed by the retraction of the sea, allowing different landscapes to...
Collaborative Fund

Standalone art spaces create collaborative background for artists

Articulation of six institutions from different regions of the country consolidates a support network for art professionals in a context of pandemic and absence of public policies in culture