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Debret's Traumatic Updates, 2019-2021, Ge Viana

Where to find Brazilianness after the modern ones?

CCBB traveling exhibition arrives in São Paulo with works by 51 artists; "Brasilidade Pós-Modernismo" wants the public to notice, observe and notice so that an innovative discussion about Brazilian Modernism comes to light, meeting the demand of our time

What to visit in Rio de Janeiro during ArtRio week?

For the days of the fair, which opens on September 8, we have prepared an itinerary of visits to institutions and galleries with the main in-person exhibitions on display in the state capital; check out

2010 | Laurie Anderson: The Feast of Transgression

Remember the text about the exhibition "I in U – Eu em Tu", by Laurie Anderson, organized by CCBB and curated by Marcello Dantas

CCBB makes mediated visits to its exhibitions available on the web

The initiative presents the exhibitions of the four headquarters of the institution, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasília, which for the time being have their in-person access suspended.

Vaivém: historical and playful look at Brazilian identity

Exhibition that ends in São Paulo on July 29 will land in Brasília in early September

Art in Brazil in times of coronavirus

In a recommended period of isolation, galleries and cultural institutions take initiatives so that art does not stop in the country

Public success in Rio, exhibition about ancient Egypt arrives at CCBB in...

Among replicas and original pieces on loan from an Italian museum, the exhibition features sphinxes, sarcophagi, figurines, vases, a mummy and liturgical objects.

Shuttle deals with Brazilian culture beyond art

Exhibition curated by Raphael Fonseca addresses the hammock under multiple perspectives in CCBB

Marc Ferrez and Man Ray in São Paulo: different views on two sacred monsters

Exhibitions dedicated to photographers, one at IMS and another at CCBB, are certainly two of the most important retrospective shows presented in the city in 2019.

“Vaivém” deals with Brazilian culture beyond art

Exhibition curated by Raphael Fonseca addresses the hammock from multiple perspectives at CCBB