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Ani Ganzala, Odoyá, 2022. Photo: André Pitol

From ephemeris, 'The parable of progress' reflects on issues of race, gender...

A arte!brasileiros visited the show curated by Lisette Lagnado, in collaboration with André Pitol and Yudi Rafael, at Sesc Pompeia; there are five 'dialogical spaces' that articulate artistic production and actions of hospitality and visibility of the communities around them

Casa do Povo launches pedagogical program and addresses the idea of ​​contemporary collectivity

Entitled Ool, the first edition of the immersive program, lasting 5 months, was developed by the Casa and the collectives that inhabit it in partnership with the artist and educator Luiza Crosman; Applications are due June 28th
Collaborative Fund

Standalone art spaces create collaborative background for artists

Articulation of six institutions from different regions of the country consolidates a support network for art professionals in a context of pandemic and absence of public policies in culture

Benjamin Seroussi: first the gestures, then the words

Benjamin Seroussi, director of Casa do Povo, talks about the reasons why the São Paulo cultural center started to act directly, not only in the virtual environment, during the crisis caused by the pandemic (and by the government) and highlights the difficulties and solutions to finance the space activities

Collaborative project brings together galleries and cultural spaces on a virtual platform

Transe will work on the website of the gallery Fortes D'Aloia e Gabriel as a network of collaboration and exhibition of artistic works that will be renewed every three months; first stage has nine cultural entities

Tijuana Fair takes place this weekend at Casa do Povo

Celebrating 10 years of existence and 23 editions, the fair of publications and artist books covers a vast Latin American production and promotes a program of meetings and debates.
Open Kitchen

Casa do Povo: a place where to remember is to act

Founded in the 1940s by progressive Jews, Casa do Povo overcomes 30 years of crisis and consolidates itself as a prolific cultural center, an experimental space for the coexistence and performance of multidisciplinary artistic collectives and autonomous movements.

Debates and exhibitions on indigenous causes in São Paulo

Exhibitions at the IMS and the Resistance Memorial and conversations with Ailton Krenak and Claudia Andujar discuss the struggles of indigenous peoples

Agenda: Check out highlights from the 25th to the 31st of August

Art-vehicle, art as a means of communication at Sesc Pompéia; Romy Pocztaruk's solo show at Zipper and Berna Reale at Nara Roesler SP are unmissable

Agenda: Check out the highlights for the week April 28 to May 4

Take advantage of the holiday to visit some of the most important exhibitions and other activities in the art world in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte... and (why not?) New York