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MAHKU artists in production of their works for the exhibition MAHKU - Cantos de Imagens at Casa de Cultura do Parque

Huni Kuin Artists Movement opens exhibition at Casa de Cultura do Parque

Curated by Ibã Huni Kuin and Daniel Dinato, the exhibition "MAHKU - Songs of images" proposes an immersion in one of the aspects of traditional rituals through paintings and installations

Casa de Cultura do Parque offers free workshops and opens a new exhibition cycle

With a group show by Germana Monte-Mór, Paulo Monteiro and Solange Pessoa, a solo show by Luís Teixeira, a series of works by Estela Sokol and intergenerational activities, the institution offers a wide range of programs in the city of São Paulo

Good obsession behind the line

Impressions about the exhibition "Protolivro", by Edith Derdyk, at the Casa de Cultura do Parque

Exhibition at Casa de Cultura do Parque discusses contemporary three-dimensional production

Current thinking around sculptural work is featured in the works of several artists; on the opening day, José Miguel Wisnik talks about the process of creating the performance "Máquinas do Mundo"