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View of the OBSCURA LUZ exhibition at Galeria Luisa Strina.

“Obscura Luz”, collective of visual and discursive repertoire

On display until September 2022, the show is inspired by a work by Cildo Meireles, of the same name, and discusses the perception

A daring project in the countryside of Pernambuco

Belojardim Residence, located in the city of the same name, houses "Corpos de Phonosophia", a project by Camila Sposati that unites two ancestral elements, clay and music.
"Geography", by Cinthia Marcelle, at the 3M Art Exhibition. Photo: Karina Bacci

10th 3M Art Exhibition, in conversation with nature

The persistence of the relationship between art, nature and the city finds symbolic and narrative elements in the collective Lugar Comum: crossings and collectivities in the city, the 10th 3M Art Exhibition. Curated...