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The Crazy White Man's Samba

The terrorist attack on Brasilia and its actors can be understood as a kind of buffalo opera, a clumsy parody of what happened in the invasion of the Capitol

Galeria Camões, in Brasília, presents an exhibition by Gabriela Albergaria and Marcelo Moscheta

Inspired by the landscape of the country's own capital, the exhibition "Orédeas", held by the Embassy of Portugal and Camões - Portuguese Cultural Center in Brasília, brings together unpublished works by the Portuguese artist and the artist from São Paulo.

Galeria Karla Osório opens three simultaneous solo shows

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Gustavo Silvaamaral and Bruno Duque occupy internal and external spaces in the Brasilia gallery
photo by Sergio Andrade

“Brasilia has become a sewer”

Former São Paulo governor Cláudio Lembo criticizes the worn-out Legislature, the discredited Judiciary and the busy Executive after the impeachment, which he considers “a tragedy” for democracy. All mixed up in the federal capital: “It is the city of lobbying, political and economic prostitution”