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June 2013 – Reflections on the crowd

This image was recorded on Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, in São Paulo, on the night of June 17, 2013. At that moment, it reflected the desire of thousands of Brazilians. Today, five years after the June 2013 protests, many theories about the legacy left by the cries of that moment emerge. The pageB portal! publishes texts, videos and photographs produced at the time, in the magazine Brasileiros, to contribute to the debate
The Buzu Protest Revolt of 2003 in Bahia inspired a movement

solidarity revolt

Master in Anthropology from UFBA, poet, composer and author of the books Avant-Garde in Bahia and A Cidade no Brasil

in defense of politics

By Maria Victoria Benevides* “The party was beautiful, man!” For the young people who did not experience it and for the forgotten “crowns” – and today fearful or enthusiastic about the mobilization initiated by the Free Pass –, it is worth...
Scene Cavalry of the PM occupies part of Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, on June 11

Another anarchist manifesto

By Antonio Bivar* Since everything matters here, I am in favor of importing doctors. Socializing with local professional colleagues will be productive. I'm also in favor of importing politicians who worked there...
Action and reaction São Paulo police repressed the first four acts, using pepper spray, stun bombs and rubber bullets

The first metropolitan wildcat strike in greater Brazil

By Giussepe Cocco* In the May edition of Le Monde Diplomatique(1), we wrote that “there is no love in Brasil Maior” and explained: “'love' only exists in the practice of struggles and democracy, that is, in organization. ..

Why Brazil and now?

By Juan Arias* The sudden crisis that erupted in Brazil with the emergence of street demonstrations, first in wealthy cities such as São Paulo and Rio, is generating perplexity, both inside and outside the country, extending across...
Potato Square. Photo: Camila Picolo

In the streets

By Lincoln Secco* The demonstrations that took place in Brazil left everyone perplexed. Some spoke of revolution, others of a coup, some of civics. And there are even those who blame the Free Pass Movement. The first aspect to...

The Rebellion of the Masses

Read article by Almir Pazzianotto Pinto, former Minister of Labor, about the June demonstrations

The city, the youth and the protests

By Teresa Caldeira* Interpreting emerging processes always carries risks. We can take secondary paths or simply let the novelty slip, framing what is being born with the categories of old interpretive frameworks that new events...