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Night of Nightmares: Will there be a coup within a coup?

Will there be a blow within a blow? Will the coup plotters manage to control their philo-fascist base? Instability and social explosion are the only certainties for our immediate future
Congress in Brasilia

a country on fire

The effect that produces impotence, pain and confusion in the lives of everyone around us emanates as much from the poor political performance of a fake impeachment as from the effective economic crisis.
Renato_Janine_Ribeiro_em_2015 - photo by Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

Fighting corruption to the end

The PT left the space of ethics free for the preaching of the right. She ignored the misery and said that corruption in the country had never been so great. Lie? Yes, but took
Eugenio José Guilherme de Aragão

The prospects for a post-coup Brazil

We have a lot to look forward to next year, less tranquility. It is for the corporations of the State careers, for the Parliament and for the population the lesson that one does not fight with the agreed Constitution
Chamber of Deputies - Brazil

Focuses of hope and resistance

In the disputes scheduled for 2017, progressive forces need to dialogue with new worldviews and demands of a population that has undergone many transformations