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Read the editorial of issue #62 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux

the right to kill

"Necropolitics", by Achille Mbembe, sheds light on the exercise of politics in our own history, marked by slavery and racism
Sesc Pinheiros, unit that will host the seminar Brasis – Dissonant Territories

Seminar “Brazil – Dissonant Territories” discusses the construction of Brazilian identity

Event promoted by Sesc Pinheiros invites intellectuals and artists to rethink the legacy of Independence and the Week of Modern Art
View of the steps of the Paulista Museum of the University of São Paulo

Museu Paulista: a privileged place to rethink history

After extensive renovation, Museu Paulista, in Ipiranga, should reopen in 2022 with physical and conceptual adaptations, establishing new correlations between past and present that do not perpetuate stagnant visions and consolidated discourses of power.
Horizontal, color photo. View of the ILLUSTRATED WORKERS exhibition, curated by Chico Homem de Melo. On the left and right sides, red panels bear prints of worker illustrations. In the background, in the center, the expansion, by about two and a half meters, of the FABRIL WORKER illustration by Odileia Toscano. In front of him, a long table, which takes the photographer to the panel, brings the original books and magazines, from which the illustrations were taken.

“Illustrated Workers” at Sesc Santo Amaro; Watch the video

With a set of illustrations from literature, journalism, music production and historical, geographical and sociological essays, Trabalhadores Ilustrados offers a diversified panorama of the world of work in Brazil in the XNUMXth century.

Confinements and arrests are discussed in an exhibition on Videobrasil Online

Curated by Juliana Borges, the exhibition brings together 14 videos and part of the discussion about mass incarceration in Brazil to also talk about the “confinements” of the asylum system, consumerism, alienation on social networks and patterns of sexuality.

“It happens that we are cannibals!”, says the tropicalist pop by Glauco Rodrigues

The show Acaba que Somos Canibais!, by Glauco Rodrigues (1929-2004), has a samba school atmosphere, full of colors and allegories, born under the influence of pop art. The paintings on display at the Bergamin gallery...
Detail of the cover of the book A defect in color

A historiographical record by Ana Maria Gonçalves

Launched in 2006, the book "Um Defeito de Cor" is an indispensable classic of Brazilian Afrofeminist literature.

an exhausted country

For those who recognize and feel in their bodies the gravity of the crisis experienced in Brazil, in its various dimensions, it is increasingly common to feel exhausted.

Brazilian artists and galleries strike back at Art Basel Miami Beach

Galleries in the country are heavily present at the fair after the election of far-right Jair Bolsonaro