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View of the Venice canal. Photo: Creative Commons.

Venice Biennale announces artists for 2022 edition

Among the 213 names announced are five Brazilians: Jaider Esbell, Lenora de Barros, Luiz Roque, Rosana Paulino and Solange Pessoa.
Horizontal, color photo. Work by Luisa Lerman chosen for BIENALSUR

Environment, migrations and identities set the tone at BIENALSUR

Organized from Buenos Aires, but hosted this year in 23 countries - and in the virtual environment -, the third edition of the event deals with contemporary themes and tries to consolidate itself as an alternative model to traditional biennials
Vertical, color photo. Portrait of Grada Kilomba

The boycott of Grada Kilomba in the official Portuguese representation of the Venice Biennale 2022

By Ana Teixeira Pinto* On November 11, 2021, DGARTES (Direção Geral das Artes) announced the result of the competition for the official Portuguese representation at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022....
"Landscape", by Regina Silveira, work commissioned for the Bienal. Photo: © Levi Fanan / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

34th Bienal de São Paulo opens its main show with a strong political and...

With more than a thousand works, Bienal de São Paulo embodies the idea of ​​resistance encompassing different themes, generations and languages

Lives, a necessary torment

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the need for social isolation, the world as a whole has been forced to create communication strategies in the virtual, online universe, using various tools. Platforms...
Wind, by Joan Jonas, 1968, at the Bienal Pavilion

fight against the wind

Before the main show, scheduled for 2021, the 34th Bienal de São Paulo opens the collective exhibition Vento, with the participation of 21 artists and works spread across the wide space of the pavilion at Ibirapuera
Mercosul Biennial

Virtual weaves of art at the Mercosul Biennial

Online edition of the show mixes historical background and young production, puts black and feminist art at the center of the debate and challenges the limits of quarantine

A three-year biennial

Due to the pandemic, the 34th edition of the Bienal de São Paulo, which would take place at the end of this year, is postponed to September 2021; according to the president of the Foundation, José Olympio Pereira, starting the assembly in the near future would put many people at risk
Manifest Biennial

we are all responsible

Berlin Biennale and Manifesta, in Marseille, have their openings postponed to September, but content already revolved around issues raised by the world in a pandemic

34th Bienal de São Paulo is officially postponed

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a decision approved by the Bienal council postpones its 34th edition to September 4, 2021; According to the Foundation's president, starting assembly soon would put many people at risk