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Froiid, at Galeria Albuquerque Contemporânea.

In BH, Galeria Albuquerque Contemporânea opens Froiid’s first solo show

Entitled "Mundaréu", Froiid's solo show, on display at Galeria Albuquerque Contemporânea, establishes a dialogue with the writer, actor, journalist and playwright Plínio Marcos (1935-1999) and his "Histórias das Quebradas do Mundaréu" (1973). When exploring...
Rosangela Reis Costa, restorer and coordinator of the restoration project. Photo: Leo Lara.

Casa Fiat de Cultura returns with restoration of works by Aleijadinho

Works by the Baroque master will be restored and later returned to their communities of origin; process can be followed live by visitors
Horizontal, color image. View of Praça Raul Soares, in Belo Horizonte, where CURA 2021 takes place

CURA BH investigates new territories and proposes an immersive experience

From Rua Sapucaí, next to Belo Horizonte's Central Metro Station, you can see 18 graffitied gables. Considered the first street art viewpoint in the world, the place overlooks the...
Graffiti mural, made by artist Criola, represents symbols of Afro-Brazilian culture

Mural by artist Criola can be erased by court decision in Belo Horizonte

When leaving the airport and heading to the city center of Belo Horizonte, on Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, a building in the distance draws attention. The vibrant colors of a mural from 1365...

Cars, furniture and works of art are placed in dialogue in an exhibition about design...

Exhibition at Casa Fiat de Cultura, in Belo Horizonte, broadly approaches the production of the European country, highlighting the cultural and socioeconomic contexts that made its development possible.

Mineira, but nothing quiet

1st ArteBH Modern and Contemporary Art Fair makes noise and already has its next edition confirmed for 2019.

Agenda: Check out the highlights for the week April 28 to May 4

Take advantage of the holiday to visit some of the most important exhibitions and other activities in the art world in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte... and (why not?) New York