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Alexandre da Cunha

“REVIRAVOLTA” takes the Videobrasil collection to Espírito Santo

On display until September at MAES and at Galeria Homero Massena, in Vitória, the exhibition highlights the political vocation that runs through the video production of the Global South

Videobrasil: four decades with a south-facing lens

After an unstable period, Videobrasil announces for 2023 the holding of the 22nd Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil, 40 years after the first festival

From mule to plane: progress and ruin by Calderón y Piñeros

Colombian duo presents the film Volando Bajo on Videobrasil Online and raises debates about obsolete technologies, a supposed idea of ​​progress and the ways in which the official story is told
Ayoung Kim

The extinction of borders is what defines change

* By Bernardo José de Souza Borders establish limits between one space and another, or between something and something else. When demarcating territories, they impose themselves as arbitrary mapping, devising zones of power and...

South Korean art from the Anthropocene times gains space on Videobrasil Online

For some years now, discussions around the Anthropocene have become a fundamental agenda in the research and production of contemporary artists around the world. If themes like destruction...

Ayrson Heráclito exhibits works at Videobrasil Online

Known for a production that departs from Afro-Brazilian culture and the universe of Candomblé to address issues such as the slave-holding colonial past, the artist presents ten audiovisual works on Videobrasil's new online platform

Videobrasil opens exhibition space in the virtual environment

Videobrasil Online premieres with a never-before-seen documentary about Abdoulaye Konaté, directed by Juliano Salgado, and continues the institution's project to democratize access to artistic production in the Global South through the rearticulation of contents from the collection