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Horizontal photo, black and white. Mercedes Baptista's face. The ballerina wears a lace turban on her head and has a contemplative and spontaneous expression.

Sesc Copacabana pays tribute to Mercedes Baptista, the first black ballerina of the Municipal Theater

The artist’s centenary will be celebrated with theater and dance shows, artistic installations, a photographic exhibition, a music show and a lecture, marking the reopening of the Sesc unit, which has been closed for over a year and a half.

Tarsila's self-portraits, part III: the various resignifications of a matrix image...

The critic and columnist of arte!brasileiros Tadeu Chiarelli concludes his series of articles on Tarsila do Amaral’s self-portraits by analyzing these images that would become icons of the artist’s production and, ultimately, of São Paulo’s modernism.

With “Extinction is forever”, Nuno Ramos seeks a multilingual answer to the Brazilian situation

In memory of everyone who lost their lives in the pandemic, a flame was lit this week at Sesc Avenida Paulista. A small zippo lighter, which would usually hold the flame for about fifteen seconds,...

“It happens that we are cannibals!”, says the tropicalist pop by Glauco Rodrigues

The show Acaba que Somos Canibais!, by Glauco Rodrigues (1929-2004), has a samba school atmosphere, full of colors and allegories, born under the influence of pop art. The paintings on display at the Bergamin gallery...

Under restoration: women artists, the forgotten part of Italian art history

Where are the women? This was the question posed by Advancing Women Artists (AWA) to museum spaces and visitors to tourist museums in Florence over the last 14 years. The American philanthropic organization...
Artist Cyshimi thinks about decoloniality in Asian-Brazilian art

Beyond the stereotype: Brazilian art by Asian-Brazilians

In recent years, the debate about prejudices and the inclusion of minorities has come to occupy a growing space in the arts circuit. However, little is heard about the inclusion (or exclusion) of Asian-Brazilian people...
In the foreground, wooden divisions on the wall have the writing "Entre Bordas", vertically. In the background, a woman looks at paintings from the exhibition "Between edges - sounds that escape" on the wall

“Entre Bordas – Sons que Escapam”, new in-person exhibition at Sesc Santo André

What are the sounds that escape the edges? It is from this question that Entre Bordas - Sons que Escapam, the new in-person exhibition of Sesc Santo André, starts. Curated by Paula Braga, the show...

arte!brasileiros wins ABCA award for dissemination of visual arts in the media

Plataforma, which completed ten years in 2020, receives the Antônio Bento Award from the Brazilian Association of Art Critics; find out who were the other winners of this edition of the award
Laura Vinci

Visual arts enter Flip

New project that seeks to insert the arts with more emphasis on the International Literary Festival of Paraty

Multiscreen for art

Two major exhibitions focused on video art grab attention in SP: Ismaïl Bahri at Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro and Bill Viola at Sesc Avenida Paulista