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French historian Anne Lafont

“The debate tries to make noise, provoke dissonance and distinction”

Author of the books An African woman in the Louvre and The art of black worlds: History, theory, criticism, recently released in Brazil by Bazar do Tempo, French historian Anne Lafont was in São Paulo in August, at the invitation of MAC USP,... .

Issue #64 contributors

CLAUDINEI ROBERTO DA SILVA is a professor, curator and visual artist. He coordinated, among others, the educational aspects of the Afro Brasil Museum. He is part of the Art Commission of the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, where he was...
View of the exhibition "Ajuntamentos", by Afonso Tostes, at the Fundação Iberê Camargo. Photo: Nilton Santolin

Delicate balance

Until October 22nd, the Iberê Camargo Foundation, in Porto Alegre (RS), will host Ajuntamentos, by the Minas Gerais artist Afonso Tostes. The exhibition brings developments from the exhibition of the same name that at the beginning...
Art dealer Vilma Eid at her Galeria Estação, in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

Vilma Eid, one of the great patrons of Brazilian popular art

Whenever Vilma's Eid birthday approached, her mother used to present her daughter with a work of art, whether it was a painting or a sculpture. At 21, already married, her mother...
Works by César Bahia, gathered in the Laje Collection, and present in the exhibition "Uma poética do Recomeço", at the Rio Art Museum (MAR). Photo: Fabio Cypriano

Laje Collection gains visibility for peripheral production

Present in at least five recent exhibitions, three of which are still on display, the Bahian Acervo da Lage is one of the most original initiatives in the country's art and culture circuit. He is at...
Denilson Baniwa, "The Call of the Wild - Yawareté tapuya", 2023. Photo: Pedro Agilson

Criticism and eroticism temper the exhibition 'Moqueca de husbands'

The gallery A Gentil Carioca arrived in São Paulo a year and a half ago and installed its expanded space in a charming dead-end street, in Higienópolis. Denilson Baniwa is currently exhibiting a set of works...

Seminars arte!brasileiros wins Antônio Bento Award from ABCA

Two certainties guide these meetings: creating bridges and believing that art focuses the knowledge of subjects of their time

Stratagems to resist fascism

With 134 artists and collectives to date (new enlistments are expected throughout its duration, until January 28, 2024), the ReFundação exhibition, which reopened on September 2,...


Read the editorial of issue #64 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux
View of the installation "ANTENA IA MBAMBE Mimenekenu Ê lá Tempo!", by Ana Pi and Taata Kwa Nkisi Mutá Imê. Credit: Levi Fanan/Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

35th São Paulo Biennial: Ana Pi

"A dialogue in displacement and between generations": this is how Ana Pi defines the work she developed in partnership with Taata Kwa Nkisi Mutá Imê, a Candomblé priest whose daughter she has been for 18 years, and...