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Issue #60 contributors

ERNANI CHAVES is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Federal University of Pará. He studies the relationships between philosophy, psychoanalysis and racism. for this number of arte!brasileiros, he talks about the concept of...
Emmanuel Nassar exhibited in PLACE-COMUM at MAC USP

Connection and dialog

In a process of accumulating layers that talk to each other, the exhibition "Lugar-comum", from MAC USP, proposes a de-hierarchization of works and agents of art

the obscene of the image

Not all photography is restorative as intended, for example, the Berlin Biennale, when exhibiting a work with records of prisoners tortured in Abu Ghraib, Iraq

Editor's letter: for freedom

By Patricia Rousseaux, Editorial Director
View of the VII International Seminar: Culture, Democracy and Reparation

Art and culture are intertwined in a democracy

Urgent topics in the Brazilian and world sociopolitical scenarios were debated during the 22nd and 23rd of September at the Sesc Vila Mariana Auditorium in São Paulo

history lab

In contrast to archaic visions of our past, the new Ipiranga Museum celebrates material culture, with a project that includes tactile resources and massive use of audiovisual By Maria HirSzman

the right to kill

"Necropolitics", by Achille Mbembe, sheds light on the exercise of politics in our own history, marked by slavery and racism
Germana Monte-Mór

After all

The critic, professor and curator Rodrigo Naves makes an analysis of the work of Germana Monte-Mór, who until November 5th presents, at Galeria Estação, about 25 paintings, made during the pandemic.
rosana paulino

Ancestry, territory and science

These are some of the elements that permeate the works of Rosana Paulino, an artist who is about to celebrate 30 years of her career and is one of the guests at the 59th Venice Biennale.
Work by Elvys Chaves and Carlo Schiavini exhibited at the Casa do Governador Cultural Park, in Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo reinforces its culture

While the absence of national public policies causes destruction of the sector, states, as well as Ceará, expand equipment and give new vitality to the area.