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Jaider Esbell

Jaider Esbell's War

In an interview, Macuxi artist, defended occupying spaces of art as they would be “one of the last refuges of an idea of ​​thought under construction”
Brennand Institute

Brennand Workshop: “But clay and water continue to rotate in the huts of...

Transformed into an institute, the workshop of the late painter Francisco Brennand heads towards the future and balances between the founder's tradition and growth beyond his self-mythologized figure.
Vivian Ostrovsky

Vivian Ostrovsky's Experimental Diving

A pioneer in the distribution of women's films in France and a filmmaker for over four decades, Ostrovsky talks about her look at cinema, her friendship with artist Ione Saldanha and her recent curatorship work for the Scratch Collection.

A daring project in the countryside of Pernambuco

Belojardim Residence, located in the city of the same name, houses "Corpos de Phonosophia", a project by Camila Sposati that unites two ancestral elements, clay and music.

Art market in 2021: far from the crisis

In the midst of an extremely troubled context with the pandemic, professionals in the Brazilian art market report a year of positive sales results, benefiting from both the expansion of the virtual and the recent resumption of the face-to-face.
For a breath of fury and hope – an emergency declaration

The radicality in the scenography of the shows

Exhibitions such as "For a breath of fury and hope", at MuBE, point out how important it is to create environments that enhance works on display

Issue #57 contributors

See who are some of the contributors to issue #55 of arte!brasileiros
CKD - ​​Completely Knocked Down

“Completely Knocked Down”: Bremen and Recife in an experimental show

In a collaborative atmosphere, a group of artists chose their spaces and ways of exhibiting their works at MAMAM, in the capital of Pernambuco, deconstructing the traditional concept of curatorship.
Horizontal, color photo. Julio Villani wears a white shirt and a gray coat. He is in his studio, surrounded by some works and a parrot.

the sensitive shape

Established in Paris since the 1980s, Julio Villani debuts website and opens solo exhibition at Chelsea in New York
Debret's Traumatic Updates, 2019-2021, Ge Viana

Where to find Brazilianness after the modern ones?

CCBB traveling exhibition arrives in São Paulo with works by 51 artists; "Brasilidade Pós-Modernismo" wants the public to notice, observe and notice so that an innovative discussion about Brazilian Modernism comes to light, meeting the demand of our time