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“Chuck Coma suffered a brain injury from hypoxia after his cellmate strangled him at the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, depriving his brain of oxygen. Since then, he has suffered from memory loss, extreme mood swings and occasional tremors. At the time of his arrest, Coma was battling severe PTSD due to his military service in Panama and the Gulf War. Before the wars, he was a bit of a troublemaker, but he didn't have serious problems with the law. When he left the service, he couldn't hold a job and started robbing banks.” Shelton, Washington. USA. 2019. | Credit: Peter van Agtmael/Magnum Photos. Courtesy of the photographer.

What happens when we unmake the world?

Works by Peter van Agtmael, Steve McQueen and Emily Jacir reflect on conflict and keep us from forgetting its cruel consequences

Issue #55 contributors

See who are some of the contributors to issue #55 of arte!brasileiros
In mourning, I fight - "The world is ours", 2018-2019, from the series "Pardo é papel", cover of arte!brasileiros #55. Photo: Gabi Carrera/ Publicity

Editorial: In mourning, I fight

"We are crossed by the inevitable awareness of the loss of values ​​in our society, which is collapsing", writes Patricia Rousseaux in the editorial of issue #55 of arte!brasileiros
Color horizontal image. A collective of artists sitting around two tables in the JAMAC studio converse. A few sheets of paper on the tables.

Artist collectives reflect the spirit of the times

Both the choice of five collectives as nominees for the Turner Prize, in 2021, and the announcement of 14 collectives as the first participants of documenta fifteen indicate an important turning point in practice...
Horizontal, color photo. View of the MOTO-CONTÍNUO exhibition, by José Damasceno, at Estação Pinacoteca. In the background, SOUNDTRACK, which with hundreds of hammers hanging from nails on the wall, creates the representation of mountains. In front, several columns of the building's structure. Among them, you can partially see two works by José Damasceno. Right, SNOOKER, left lower work, at ground level.

José Damasceno and the Mona Lisa smile

It gives a certain relief to enter José Damasceno's exhibition, Continuous motion, at Estação Pinacoteca, in such an unfavorable context, when a CPI reveals all the bizarre acts of a government that collaborated to...
"The Job Search", 1948. Courtesy Utopian Gallery.

German Lorca's restless and tireless gaze 

One of the great modern photographers in the country, a member of Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante in the 1950s, the São Paulo native left a legacy of more than 70 years transiting through urban records, experimental or advertising photographs.   
Monster Chetwynd, "Hokusai's Octapai", 2004, installation at the Tanya Leighton gallery, as part of Galleries Curate

Galleries Curate: new way to create market

The impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unimagined changes. The perplexity of the present, resulting from the seclusion protocols and temporary closures of galleries, museums, fairs and biennials, shook the system of...
Luz Station, headquarters of the Portuguese Language Museum. Photo: Joca Duarte / Publicity

Revamped, Language Museum is reborn in downtown São Paulo

About five years after the fire that hit its headquarters, at Estação da Luz, the institution reopens in 2021 with updates to its contents, but keeping as a basis the same curatorial project that made it recognized   

Maxwell Alexandre: 'Pardo is Paper' or the epic grandeur of a people in formation

Presented at Instituto Tomie Ohtake after visiting Lyon, Porto Alegre and Rio, Maxwell Alexandre's show portrays with a grandiose, consecrating and historical character black people in everyday situations 
Iwajla Klinke, untitled, from the "Ritual Memories" series. Photo: Transarte

Instituto Transarte: for an LGBTQ+ future

Conceived by Maria Helena Peres Oliveira, the gallery becomes an institute, with a definitive space to ensure the artistic production of the community