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A good year, at least for the art market

After the initial shock due to the pandemic, Brazilian galleries recover and present a positive result in the year they were forced to migrate to the virtual environment
Psychiatrist, writer and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon, the force of language

*By Eugênio Lima Reembarking in this Fanon world was very intense. I remembered things I had forgotten and little by little I was rebuilding everything, from my first reading, in 2014, until today. The first time...
A member of the Piscina platform, Juh Almeida exhibited the work A woman speaks at SP-Foto VR

Politicizing the art market: how new proposals have raised questions of...

*By Ana Letícia Fialho and Luciara Ribeiro The result of the last elections, both in Brazil and in the USA, was marked by presences that, in some way, point to an unfolding of the anti-racist acts that grew in the...


“Afro-Brazilian art, by the way, is not a style, it is not an avant-garde, not even a social or artistic movement; is the art of Brazil – if not pleonasm”, writes researcher Renato Araújo in an article for the arte!brasileiros

Dialog generation

*By Claudinei Roberto da Silva Judging by what we observe from the movement of museums, cultural institutions, galleries, formal and informal spaces, the production of black and black artists in the country has confirmed...

Issue #53 contributors

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"Geography", by Cinthia Marcelle, at the 3M Art Exhibition. Photo: Karina Bacci

10th 3M Art Exhibition, in conversation with nature

The persistence of the relationship between art, nature and the city finds symbolic and narrative elements in the collective Lugar Comum: crossings and collectivities in the city, the 10th 3M Art Exhibition. Curated...

Publisher's letter

Read the editorial of the new edition, by Patricia Rousseaux, Editorial Director of arte!brasileiros

Pinacoteca do Estado: Radical Collection

Inclusive and bold. The new arrangement of the collection of the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, which opened at the end of last October, is a step forward in the institution's quality. In the previous version, the collection was...

Aracy Amaral: a researcher driven by curiosity and rigor

A keen observer of the cultural scene since the 1950s, critic, researcher and art historian Aracy Amaral talks about her training, trajectory and the challenge of curating in times of a pandemic