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Gideon Mendel Submerged Portraits oão Pereira de Araújo, Rio Branco, Brazil, March 14, 2015.

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South African photographer Gideon Mendel produces series around the world that denounce climate change and its impacts on human survival, offering a kind of testimony to those portrayed.  

Issue #52 contributors

See who are some of the contributors to the magazine that is on the air from this week
Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente, curators of MAM Rio, in front of the museum

“Unverticalize” the museum

Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente assume the artistic direction of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio and, in pairs, defend for the institution a logic marked by diversity and negotiation
Beatriz Lemos, Thiago de Paula Souza and Diane Lima, curators of the 3rd edition of Frestas - Trienal de Artes

New territories expand reflection on art

Curators of the 3rd edition of Frestas - Trienal de Artes, entitled The river is a snake, bring together Afro-indigenous, native and ancestral knowledge and thoughts to think about an art of the impossible
Rufino looks at his Araceae specimens

Instituto José Rufino: a place to think about art, science and nature

Located in the municipality of Bayeux, in greater João Pessoa, the space is one of the well-finished examples of what man can do for the environment.
Artist Cyshimi thinks about decoloniality in Asian-Brazilian art

Beyond the stereotype: Brazilian art by Asian-Brazilians

In recent years, the debate about prejudices and the inclusion of minorities has come to occupy a growing space in the arts circuit. However, little is heard about the inclusion (or exclusion) of Asian-Brazilian people...

A work that helps to “clear” the Maxakali people

Winner of the 2020 edition of Pipa Online, Isael Maxakali portrays in films, drawings and animations the culture of his people, who today live in a critical situation in five villages in the northwest of Minas Gerais.
Horizontal painting "Amazon River", by Aguilar, in the middle of an exhibition room.

Aguilar's 60 years of art

In a new exhibition with 69 canvases, the artist reveals a cosmology that ranges from ancient philosophers to the defense of Amazonian forests and rivers.

the distance resistance

On the second day of the seminar, the curatorial team and artists of the 11th Berlin Biennale, an event that has gained even more weight with the pandemic, spoke about their work and the challenge of maintaining resilience despite isolation.

we are nature

On the first day of the seminar, limits between culture and nature are questioned based on indigenous wisdom, by Ailton Krenak, Antonio Donato Nobre and Naiara Tukano