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Frequently False Conclusions

A painting made of debris and memories

Time seems to be hanging on the canvases of David Magila
Hudinilson in his studio

The reinvented world of Hudinilson Junior to be checked in show

Dandi, dark, flaneur, any adjective does not translate who was the artist, the face of São Paulo
Juliana Notari, Mimoso, 2014

275 Times Northeast

Exhibition À Nordeste, at SESC May 24, seeks to discuss the imaginary about brazilian northeast without folkling it

The “Sertão Art” of experimentation and resistance

Intitled SertÃo, 36th Panorama of Brazilian Art, at MAM, raises current political issues through the work of 29 artists, mostly young people who work outside the institutional and marketing artistic circuit
View of part of the exhibition that is on display at SESC 24 de Maio.

The Curatorship

By Aracy Amaral A CURATORSHIP IS NOT AN EASY TASK TO BE CONCEIVED. Especially if the number of participants is extensive, the space difficult, and great reluctance to leave aside all that could be selected. ...