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Poem-Process: the avant-garde that gave the poem the status of an object

Research sheds light on the poets and artists of the Poema-Processo movement, forming in 1967
Untitled works by Mario Cravo

Antonio Dias and Mario Cravo Jr. in memoriam

Both were represented by Paulo Darzé gallery in their cradle region, the Northeast
Lygia Pape

Dive into the conceptual

Rereading of formal works in dialogue with works from the period of the 1970/1980 dictatorship
Beatriz González

Art history revisited

Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires – Mamba brings Latin American artists closer to European and North American production with already consolidated visibility
Faraj Abo, Untitled 1963

Arab modernities

Exhibition hosted by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath at the Art Dubai fair explores groups that flirted with the Western movement
grada-kilomba, ILLUSION

Utopia is now

Berlin Biennale puts egalitarian actions into practice by denouncing the perversities of the current system

beyond art

What is beyond art in the images of Ana Maria Maiolino in the series Poemação from the 70s, in the work “O que sobra”, where she cuts her tongue, her nose? What's...