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practical arts

The paintings, drawings and photographs of Lia D Castro are the synthesis of a decolonial process in which she equates, with her portrayed, sex, readings, conversations and reflections on transphobia and racism
AI and art Ai-Da Robot

Will robots be the artists of the future?

Art made by Artificial Intelligence generates reflections on the nature of creativity, the importance of experience in creation and the ethical barriers of technological development
Messages for the city Times Square

In Times Square, artists honor essential workers during pandemic

Project "Messages for the City" brings together more than 30 artists, renowned and beginners, who are creating art to be shown on big screens in New York
PIPA Online Award

Art does not disconnect from life

Interview with one of the exponents of indigenous representation in the visual arts
ghosts of hope

Marcela Cantuária: “Donate to those who hurt”

Canterbury provokes glitches and makes the images left by the colonial world flaws, pulling up the necessary symbolic space where his allegorical paintings sprout.


Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art is going through a critical moment, as are most Brazilian cultural institutions. Read comments by Paulo Herkenhoff about MAR and Katia de Marco about institutions such as Parque Lage and Museu do Amanhã

Giselle Beiguelman against barbarism and indifference

Check out Tadeu Chiarelli's text about Beiguelman's installations at the City Museum
Valter Hugo Mae

Valter Hugo Mãe: “In the generosity of words, and in the difficulty of the visual arts, I grew up”

The Portuguese writer speaks to ARTE!Brasileiros about his relationship with the visual arts and about his attentive look at issues of contemporary Brazil

MASP receives works by 19 Afro artists

In 2018, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) dedicated its entire program to Afro-Atlantic histories. The strategy, which is to develop an annual thematic axis with stories that challenge traditional historical narratives,...

art speaks louder

Our collaborators chose some works, references of the aesthetic and ethical force in Brazilian contemporary art