Tag: Urban Art

Baixo Ribeiro and Mariana Martins

Cultural Shock, 20 years of ruptures

The gallery emerged in 2004, in the Vila Madalena neighborhood, with expanded attitudes dialoguing with various media
View of the Xilograffiti exhibition, at Sesc Consolação. Photo: Evelson de Freitas

A meeting between woodcut and graffiti

On display at Sesc Consolação, "Xilograffiti" promotes dialogue between the two artistic languages; watch the exhibition video
Mario de Andrade House

Casa Mário de Andrade launches the Faces of a Contemporary Brazil project

With a free program of lectures and online courses, the project seeks to value Brazilian identity diversity and puts marginalized cultures in focus
Horizontal, color image. View of Praça Raul Soares, in Belo Horizonte, where CURA 2021 takes place

CURA BH investigates new territories and proposes an immersive experience

From Rua Sapucaí, next to Belo Horizonte's Central Metro Station, you can see 18 graffitied gables. Considered the first street art viewpoint in the world, the place overlooks the...

A dialogue between urban art and education

Based on artistic interventions, Instituto Choque Cultural’s Creative School project seeks strategies to restructure educational thinking and create spaces for dialogue between student and school in public education in São Paulo

Converse City Forests unites urban art and sustainability

Air pollution is one of the main problems in large cities. But what if street art could act to minimize this environmental impact? That's what the Converse project proposes...
Graffiti mural, made by artist Criola, represents symbols of Afro-Brazilian culture

Mural by artist Criola can be erased by court decision in Belo Horizonte

When leaving the airport and heading to the city center of Belo Horizonte, on Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, a building in the distance draws attention. The vibrant colors of a mural from 1365...

São Paulo hosts 1st edition of NaLata International Urban Art Festival

Fifteen national and international artists create graffiti murals and deliver 3689m² of art to the city of São Paulo on the 20th