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Carmela Gross: between revolution and revolt

The exhibition Almost Circus, by Carmela Gross, on display at Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, has a degree of opacity that forces us to think about what those objects and installations there can make clear...
Froiid, at Galeria Albuquerque Contemporânea.

In BH, Galeria Albuquerque Contemporânea opens Froiid’s first solo show

Entitled "Mundaréu", Froiid's solo show, on display at Galeria Albuquerque Contemporânea, establishes a dialogue with the writer, actor, journalist and playwright Plínio Marcos (1935-1999) and his "Histórias das Quebradas do Mundaréu" (1973). When exploring...
Bruna and Ricardo Pessôa de Queiroz

Without sugar, with art Without sugar, with culture Without sugar, with affection

In Pernambuco, just an hour and a half from Recife, along a surprisingly well paved road, visitors have access to Usina de Arte. Project designed in 2015, by Bruna and Ricardo Pessôa de...
Ti'Iwan Couchili, French Guiana, Otsenene, Ma'ekom | Amazon Biennial

Female cry

The importance of the Biennale is undeniable in bringing visibility to what the Amazons have designed and produced with artists already established in the arts circuit and others with new productions that are emerging
Ana Mendieta

Sesc Pompeia presents films and photographs by artist Ana Mendieta

"Ana Mendieta: Silhueta em Fogo", on display at Sesc Pompeia, is an unprecedented exhibition in Latin America of films and photographs by the Cuban-American artist. Simultaneously, the collective "terra abrecaminhos" takes place, in which 30 artists dialogue...
“Dos Brasis – Arte e Pensamento Negro” encourages Afro-Brazilian production

“Dos Brasis – Arte e Pensamento Negro” encourages Afro-Brazilian production

  With general curatorship by Igor Simões, the exhibition brings together 240 artists from all Brazilian states who present works in different artistic languages. From 2024, part of the exhibition will circulate in spaces...
Fernando Leite, Mira

Fernando Leite uses photography as a guide for his creation

Fernando Leite is on display at Paço Imperial, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, with his individual exhibition, Ex-Otica. The show is curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and features 54 works divided into four series...
"We Gave A Party for the Gods", work by John Giorno, installed in the Castello di Brolio and selected by collector Luziah Hennessy for the Art of the Treasure Hunt route. Photo: Disclosure

Women artists conquer space in Tuscany

Brazilians Lia D Castro and Jac Leirner are highlights at an event in the Chianti Classico region, known for high-quality wineries

The short circuit image

On display at IMS Paulista, the Habitated Photography exhibition brings the subtle irreverence of Helena Almeida, a woman whose work resisted in a country subjected to the Salazar dictatorship for decades

Eclecticism marks the Cerruti collection

Italian businessman leaves home with 1.300 works, from the 14th to the 20th century