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In “Cartografia do Olhar”, Ana Beatriz Almeida analyzes works of art from a...

Rosana Paulino, Juliana dos Santos, Moisés Patrício and Antônio Obá are subjects in classes taught by Ana Beatriz Almeida at SP-ArteVR; the project is presented in partnership by arte!brasileiros and by JK Iguatemi

Artistic projects bring non-white representation to SP-Arte

01.01 Art Platform and Levante Nacional Trovoa debut at the fair and seek to insert black, Asian and indigenous productions into the hegemonic art circuit
Voices Against Racism

Project of the Municipal Secretary of Culture aims to raise awareness and combat racism

As an unannounced intervention, the "Voices Against Racism" initiative includes projections, lambes, graffiti and a webinar aimed at valuing the work of black and indigenous artists.
bristol statue

Statue of anti-racist activist removed in England

As a form of protest, the work had been installed by an artist after the removal of a monument honoring the slave trader Edward Colston, in the British city of Bristol.

What to do with the monuments of exaltation to the pioneers?

In the wake of the recent review of racist monuments around the world, with notable cases in England, Belgium and the USA, it is urgent to discuss the Brazilian case as well.
Aline Motta

Deconstructing white hegemony in Brazilian arts is an effective action for change

Despite the national production being diverse in languages ​​and authorship, we still maintain within it structures that naturalize the predominance of white authors and of European origin or descent.