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Amácio Mazzaropi in "Jeca Tatu" (1959)

From Jeca Tatu to Nhô Nito

With the exception of Manoel Querino (1851-1923), intellectuals who wrote about the visual arts during the First Republic started from the following assumption: a branch of European art was developing in Brazil. Some would try to propose or detect...
"The Raising of Lazarus" (1928), by Anita Malfatti. Courtesy: São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art

“I’m sorry, Anita dear”

In September 1928, back in São Paulo after five years in Paris, Anita Malfatti came across the city's cultural stagnation. Deceitful doldrums, so to speak, similar to that which also seemed to prevail there in...
Anna Bella Geiger, "About art/Say it with us: bur-ro-cra-cia", 1978. Credit: Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection/MAM Rio. Photo: Disclosure

MAM Rio celebrates 75 years with an exhibition that delves into its five areas of...

On display until December, the exhibition Museum-school-city: MAM Rio in five perspectives proposes much more than a nostalgic trip over the institution's 75 years, but a dive behind the scenes of the actions...

Notes on the Group of Five: a hint of melancholy in the centenary of the Week

Group of Five is a drawing that Anita Malfatti produced in the second half of 1922, a few months after the Modern Art Week. In it, the artist, in addition to portraying herself lying on...
mountain man

Monteiro Lobato art critic. Again [or yet]

Tadeu Chiarelli discusses Lobato's art criticism from a broader context than the São Paulo scene of 1917, bringing other data to reflect on the writer's performance

Exhibition celebrates 50 years of Edson Queiroz Foundation with old and contemporary works

What do the works of Salvador Dalí and Xico Stockinger have in common? What criteria would unite the works of Adriana Varejão and Sérgio Helle? In what context the paintings of Vicente Leite and...

Lending with B3 brings news to the MASP collection

Significant works of academic, modern and abstract arts are incorporated into the museum's collection for the next 30 years with the agreement
georgina de albuquerque state council session

Artists forgotten by history

In 1922, the famous Week of Modern Art broke with traditions, immortalizing artists such as Anita Malfatti and Mário de Andrade. That same year, another event, much less celebrated by historiography, also constituted a...