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rosana paulino

Ancestry, territory and science

These are some of the elements that permeate the works of Rosana Paulino, an artist who is about to celebrate 30 years of her career and is one of the guests at the 59th Venice Biennale.

Jaider Esbell and a presentation through genipapo

How can a tree be a shaman? This is one of the reflections that the artist and curator Jaider Esbell seeks to evoke in Presentation : Ruku. Bringing together about 60 works - including paintings, objects...

Largest exhibition of contemporary African art opens in São Paulo

Banco do Brasil Cultural Center receives 90 works by artists from eight African countries and two Afro-Brazilians

Pombagiras and the Crowd of Women

*By Maria Gabriela Saldanha On this March 8, with the conservative advance that spreads hatred towards minorities, answering for the intensification of the persecution of African matrix religions and for the extinction of rights conquered by...