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I Latin American Seminar: Reports, memory and reparation

Read the editorial of issue #63 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux
Julio Le Parc, "La torture en Argentina" (1972) exhibited in the Giro Grafico of the Reina Sofia

Reina Sofía houses graphic production that expresses popular resistance to oppression in America...

In partnership with Red Conceptualismos del Sur (RedCSur) – a group with members coming, mostly from Latin American countries, and dedicated to research and criticism of artistic, archival, curatorial and movement practices...
Xul Solar, Grafia antica, 1939. Modernism in Hispanic America

Modernism in Hispanic America

In Latin America, modernity arrived belatedly under the pressure of the new and with the desire to affirm a new aesthetic. In Europe the modern exalts the city, the phenomenon of solitude, almost like...

What to read in 2022?

The centenary of the 1922 Modern Art Week and the hundredth anniversary of the release of one of the most important novels of the 20th century - James Joyce's Ulysses - coexist with a moment...
Cover of the book "20 in 2020, Artists of the next decade: Latin America". The book has a black cover. At the top of it, you can read "the artists of the next decade" in capital letters, in small, pink font. In the center of the cover, we see a large "20", written on the side, in pink; followed by "in" and the top of another "20" written in the same way. The book is standing on a pink background, in the same tone as the letters on the cover.

Book presents a promising spectrum of visual arts through the selection of 20 artists

Bringing together analyzes from 14 critics and curators of different nationalities, 20 in 2020, the artists of the next decade: Latin America seeks to answer who will define the artistic and cultural horizon in this new decade. With...
Blue Cooper, Ambigua

BIENALSUR will expand across Argentina in June

Exhibition organized by the Ni Una Menos movement and an individual by Bill Viola curated by Marcello Dantas are highlights

Aníbal López, a stranger in the nest

It is difficult to measure the influence of Aníbal López on contemporary Guatemalan art. López proposes interferences and investigations placing the relations of politics and economy in the ethical plane. With that, he creates disruptions within the...

May 1968 and photography in Latin America

Colombian historian and curator Rodrigo Orrantia participates in a debate at SP-Arte/Foto

“Perhaps the most honest policy in Latin America has been impeded by the most corrupt politicians...

Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos, who studies Brazil, democracy and the left, warns of the fascist threat to Brazilian society and says that it is necessary to invent a new political party, more based on popular movements and less on partisan interests.
Being urban Carlos Garaicoca - photo Kelson Spalato.

Garaicoa: now let's play so we don't disappear

A few hours after arriving in São Paulo, Carlos Garaicoa went for a walk through the Campos Elíseos, in the central area. Despite visiting the city for 20 years now, it was as if he had never been...