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Japanese Motif (1959), tempera on canvas. Credit: MAC USP Collection

Eleonore Koch stages the painting

I discovered Eleonore Koch's work at the beginning of this century and, in the 2010s, the opportunity arose to organize an exhibition about her work and career, which ended up not happening. But while...

At Galeria Estação, “Reversos e Transversos” seeks to dissolve the dichotomy between popular and erudite art

Curated by Ayrson Heráclito, the exhibition establishes parallels between popular artists segregated by the art system and established names, with whom they maintain approximations, in different biennials, over seven decades

Alfredo Volpi beyond Cambuci

The artist wins the admiration of the European public with an exhibition in Monaco, but he does not fail to enchant one of the most Brazilian audiences, the Bahian, with an exhibition at MAM-BA

Volpi enchants the public in Europe

On the streets of cities in northwestern Italy and the southeastern coast of France, it is possible to find advertisements with images of works by Alfredo Volpi, the Italian who at the age of two went to live...